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Active Membership ($70) – police officers, corrections officers, or sworn members of the law enforcement community. 

Associate Membership ($70) – business owner, or community leader that is an active supporter of the law enforcement community. 

Retiree Membership ($45) – regularly appointed or elected law enforcement officers who withdraw from active membership upon or after retirement from their law enforcement agency.

What’s in it for you?

The F.O.P. membership card is recognized and
respected coast to coast by law enforcement

The Fraternal Order of Police is the only law
enforcement organization to have full-time
lobbyists in both Washington D.C. and
Lansing. Your concerns are their concerns.

The National Peace Officer’s Memorial and a
$250,000 + Line of Duty Death Benefit for all
Peace Officers killed in the line of duty is a
a direct result of the efforts of the leadership of
the National Fraternal Order of Police.

In 2004 an additional $25,000 Line of Duty
Death Benefit for Officers killed in Michigan
was passed, through the State FOP efforts.

The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act,
which allows retired and active police officers
to carry concealed weapons anywhere in the

The ongoing fight to change Social Security
and secure due-process rights for every law
enforcement officer.

A quarterly newsletter will keep you up to date
on important events at the lodge, state, and
national levels.

With your membership, you will receive Two
Thousand ($2000.00) Dollars accidental death
coverage and group insurance rates are
available to all Lodge members.

F.O.P. Lodge #187 is for all officers of the
Macomb County area, bringing together
officers from all its agencies.